Junior and Encouragement Results in Full - 11th March 2017

Encouragement, sponsored by Carol Black:

1st Sophie Rogers Alto Saxophone
2nd Daniel Wei Piano
3rd= Rachel Zhang Piano
3rd= Hannah Franklin Oboe
Highly Commended Cindy Guo Piano
Highly Commended Bella Hu Piano
Highly Commended Cheryl Luo Piano
Highly Commended Sara Ahmed Piano


Junior Brass Class, sponsored by Kettle Enterprises:

1st Alasdair King Trumpet
2nd Elysia Yap Tuba

Junior Piano Class, sponsored by The Cygnet Singers:

1st Faye Corey
2nd= Fiona Zhang
2nd= Audrey Xia
Highly Commended Jasmine van Rest
Highly Commended Joshua Wong

Junior Strings Class, sponsored by Instron, Division of ITW:

1st Jasmine Adams Violin
2nd Cindy Guo Violin
3rd Kathleen Lai Violin
Highly Commended Jasper Good Viola and Violin
Highly Commended Charlie Rose Viola
Highly Commended Bella Hu Violin

Junior Vocal Class, sponsored by Bucks Voices:

1st Jasper Good
2nd Jasmine Adams

Junior Woodwind Class, sponsored by The Swan Singers:

1st Joshua Franklin Saxophone
2nd= James Howell Alto Saxophone
2nd= Yiya Liu Clarinet
2nd= Noah Watson Saxophone

Junior Ensemble Class, sponsored by Marsh Rae Ratcliff:

1st Godstowe Strings Cindy Guo, Kathleen Lai, Bella Hu, Dayeon Go