Festival Results 2017

2017 Festival Class Winners and Sponsors

All performance classes are named after sponsors, and these are listed below together with the names of the performers achieving the top adjudication. The Choir acknowledges with thanks the contributions of all the companies and individuals who have helped to make possible this quality event of high standing.
New sponsors are always welcome, and will be recognised throughout the Choir’s performance year by suitable acknowledgements in our Programmes and other incentives.


Encouragement, sponsored by Carol Black: Sophie Rogers


The Kettle Enterprises Junior Brass Award: Alasdair King

The Cygnet Singers Junior Pianoforte Award: Faye Corey

The Instron - division of ITW Ltd Junior Strings Award: Jasmine Adams

The Bucks Voices Junior Vocal Award: Jasper Good

The Swan Singers Junior Woodwind Award: Joshua Franklin

The  Marsha Rae Ratcliff Junior Ensemble Award: Godstowe Strings 
(Cindy Guo, Kathleen Lai, Bella Hu, Dayeon Go
presented by Emma Lake)


The Kettle Enterprises Senior Brass Award: Oliver Munby

The Veronica Dean Senior Pianoforte Award: James Cozens

The Senior Strings Award in Memory Of Robin Bulbeck: Mary-Anne Grego

The TLC4YOU Ltd Senior Vocal Award: Becky Howitt, Alice Martin

The Grevett & Co Senior Woodwind Award: Arya Pourkarimi

The Marsha Rae Ratcliff Senior Ensemble Award: Quintessence

(William Rose, Megan Cave, Matthew Joslin, Mary-Anne Grego, and James Cozens)


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Quintessence - Senior piano ensemble (click in viewer below to see YouTube video courtesy of James Cozens)